Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Reduce IT Costs. Improve Reliability. Stay Secure

Cloud Solutions for Your Business

Reduce IT Spend.
Improve Reliability.
Remain Secure

Since 2003 ITRegister has been the trusted information technology partner for 100’s of small and medium sized businesses in Australia.

If you need a local partner to help you setup your websites and email hosting, or manage cloud environments such as Google, AWS, Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint and Azure, then we’re here to help.

Our proactive support team of IT specialists are located in Australia and understand the needs of local small business. We offer both pay-as-you-go support arrangements, through to dedicated agreements with guaranteed response times and fixed prices.

Software Development and Integration

At the heart of our business is our software development team which has developed 100’s of customised solutions for customers over the past 20 years.

Many of these solutions are still supported by us today and cover a wide range of business applications from innovative graphic design and management tools through to e-commerce websites and customer self-service portals.

We follow a rigorous define, design, build and test approach, to create the best solutions possible within the constraints of a customers budget and timeframes.

If you have a business problem that existing off the shelf software or cloud solutions can’t solve, then speak to us to see if we can build a bespoke solution to meet your needs.

Website Development and Hosting

Many of the custom applications we develop are deployed as web applications, so a natural extension to this is designing and developing general websites.

We often engage web designers to assist with designing the user interface for our customers web applications, so those same designers can help design your next website.

We also host websites for 90% of the customers we work with, often as a complimentary service depending on their support requirements. We only host websites on servers that we manage or own, which we believe is very important to ensure performance and reliability expectations are met.

All our services are hosted from Australia unless the customer has specific international target audience.

Cloud Infrastructure Support

If you’re experiencing difficulties managing or modifying your existing Microsoft, Amazon or Google Cloud services, then we’re here to help.

We have migrated 100’s of customers to these environments in the past 10 years and can provide on-going management services to ensure they keep running smoothly and reliably.

We make sure they’re secured, backed up and operating cost effectively, so you’re not spending unnecessary time or $ on services your business does not need.

We’re a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner (CSP) and can provide discounted Windows, Office 365, Dynamics and Azure licenses to our customers.

We’re also an authorised Microsoft SPLA partner which provides licensing for your office PC’s, servers and applications software.

Hosted Infrastructure Support

If you have your own servers or other IT equipment in your office or datacentre, and need someone to look after them, then we can help.

ITRegister manages 100’s of physical and virtual servers for our customers around Australia, located both on-premise and at datacentres. We have extensive experience in VMware, Hyper-V, Windows and Linux environments.

In 2019 we also built our own dedicated datacentre in Melbourne to remain independent from 3rd party datacentre and cloud providers. This helps keep our hosting costs low and response times high. Our datacentre offers:

  • High speed internet up to 10Gbps
  • Multiple fibre connections from separate carriers for redundancy
  • Fully redundant elecrical supply from onsite batteries and diesel generators
  • Full physical site security and monitoring
  • Managed collocation services for customer with BYO servers

Cloud Migration Planning and Support

In the past 10 years we’ve assisted many customers migrate their data and applications from local computers in their office to solutions in the cloud. These services have included:

  • Migration planning and execution
  • License deployment and management
  • Securing and hardening of cloud environments
  • Establishing backup and disaster recovery solutions
  • Configuring secure high-speed networks between multiple office locations
  • Documenting and training staff in on-going management

Whilst we are a Microsoft Partner we are not obligated to recommend their product and services. So if we believe a Google, Amazon or other cloud service would be more suited to your business then we will recommend these where appropriate.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

We offer full range of backup and disaster recovery services for our customers. We are widely recognised in Australia for saving many customers from expensive data recovery caused by ransomware attacks or malicious hacking.

Our services include:

  • Daily onsite, offsite and cloud backups of customer PC’s, laptops, servers and application data
  • Externally monitored antivirus services to quickly lock down any customer devices that are compromised
  • Ransomware protection services to minimise the risk of customers being forced to pay to recover their data
  • Dedicated workspaces at our Melbourne office for customers to use in the event of a physical disaster (e.g. fire, flood or extended power outage)

Our workspaces can be used by clients who have regulatory requirements to ensure their IT services and staff can operate 24X7 in the event of a disaster. They’re equipped with high speed Internet and general computing services to ensure a quick transition when needed. We also have meeting rooms, car parking and a decent coffee machine!

General IT Support Services

We provide general IT support services for customers who just need the occasional helping hand, right through to full server and cloud management. This includes configuration and management services for:

  • Microsoft 365 and Azure
  • SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Google Cloud Computing Services
  • Microsoft CSP and SPLA licensing
  • VMWare, Veeam and AvePoint

We offer both full support contracts with guaranteed 24×7 response times, and ad-hoc support for customers who just need the occasional helping hand.

About Us

ITRegister started as software development business in 2003, helping many customers design and build customised solutions to support their business operations. This work led to us becoming specialists in for hosting web applications, sites and servers, which in turn led to into providing general IT support services.

The company was started by Owen Baker who previously worked for 15 years in software development, consulting and management roles for companies in Australia, USA and Singapore.

Owen recognised there was an opportunity to apply his skills across a broader range of small to medium sized businesses, bringing together teams of freelance software designers and developers. Our original company name “The Australian IT Register” reflects those beginnings when we created the first online IT skills registry in Australia.

Within 5 years the business had expanded to a team of 90 professionals and diversified into other areas such as hosting, infrastructure, cloud migrations, disaster recovery and general IT support.

Owen still heads up our business today and is the familiar face and voice for many customers when they first contact us for assistance.

Contact Us

You can contact us by filling in the form or leaving a message on our phone service at
+61 3 98731163. One of us will usually respond to you within an hour.

You’re also welcome to visit us at our office during normal business hours.

Unit 10, 8-10 Monomeeth Drive.
Mitcham, Victoria, 3111